About Us

My name is Kurt Trittin the founder of KADE Outdoors llc.  Over the years my obsession for ice fishing has grown.  This obsession started many years ago when my grandfather and uncle took me to Canada.  At that young age I don't remember many of the details but it triggered a life long love for the outdoors.  Perhaps this passion is in my DNA as I look back to my great father who once made and locally sold musky bucktails. 

I look forward to the ice and drilling the first holes.  This usually occurs in early December when myself and a couple friends make our way to northern MN. to chase walleye.  Every winter I make several trips to surrounding states in search of my next trophy.  After many miles on ice and thousands of holes I'm always thinking about my equipment and how it can be improved.  This logic applies to the rods I build, always improving.  

I look forward to seeing you on the ice.  Tight lines everyone.